About Aarti Pharmalabs Limited

About Aarti Pharmalabs Limited

Aarti Pharmalabs Limited engages in the development of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) and New Chemical Entities (NCE), API intermediates, Regulatory Starting Materials (RSM), Basic Starting Materials, Key Building Blocks, and Xanthine Derivatives for use in clinical testing and commercial production. In addition to process R&D, we provide stability studies, scale-up and process optimisation, process validations, and commercial manufacturing.

Our six manufacturing plants receive innovations from our two R&D centres. These cutting-edge manufacturing facilities have received accreditation from a number of agencies, including the USFDA, EU GMP, EDQM, KFDA, and COFEPRIS.

This enables APL to deliver our entire range of services to our international clientele for their needs in API and drug substance manufacturing in India.


We strive to operate efficiently and effectively to enhance our eco-efficiency and eco-effectiveness for a minimal environmental footprint.


Annual health checkups are being done on a regular basis and providing adequate medical and financial assistance to COVID-19-infected employees, the contract workforce, and their family members.


With the vision to be the leader in safety, we are committed to developing and continually improving our safety systems and culture.


Sustainable Growth
Innovation and
Operational Excellence

Sustainability has been deeply integrated with our business strategy. Our highly skilled team delivers innovative solutions consistently by utilising advanced technologies with continuous improvement and operational excellence.

Why partner with us?

Impeccable regulatory track record forlast > 15 years EHS and Quality arehighest priority Capable of sustainable supply for APIs and NCEs/Drug substances Flow chemistry technology from lab scale to manufacturing scale High potent molecules(Anti-Cancer/Cytotoxic) development and manufacturing Backward integration strength for raw materials