Our People Philosophy

Our People Philosophy

As a responsible employer, we abide by all international and national rules and regulations pertaining to the management of human resources.

We are dedicated to defending human rights and categorically forbid any type of verbal or corporeal form of abuse. As an equal opportunity employer, Aarti Pharmalabs does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, caste, gender, or ethnicity. We have implemented a transparent, merit-based employment procedure that includes both campus mode and lateral hiring. Our talent acquisition team creates sophisticated recruitment programmes that take organisational growth, promotions, retirements, attrition, and retirements into account.

Our organisation has 2100 permanent employees as of the end of March 2022, a 35% increase over the number of personnel the year before. Women's representation in our workforce increased from less than 1% in FY 2018–19 to roughly 2% in FY 2019–20. 4% of the newly hired staff members were women. Our new employee recruiting rate increased from 38% to 42% during FY 2019–20, while our turnover rate decreased from 16% to 14%.

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According to industry standards, we provide our employees with all perks and privileges. We uphold international norms for the defence and advancement of human rights. Benefits such as health insurance, dependant insurance, group personal accident insurance, employee pension plans, employee provident fund plans, and employee state insurance corporation plans are available to our permanent employees (as applicable).

We consider that training gives employees the chance to learn more, hone their abilities, and better their prospects. It also boosts employee motivation, performance, and job happiness. Additionally, it aids in implementing innovations, lowering personnel turnover, and conforming to numerous standards and compliances. At APL, our training programme is organised and carefully planned. Our people management staff plans training programmes, creates a yearly training calendar, and encourages peer learning and knowledge-sharing. The Aarti Training Online Management System is used to oversee our training and development initiatives.

A systematic performance management system helps to raise employee engagement, identify performance gaps, and enhance performance. A performance management system that complies with industry standards has been developed and put into place. All personnel are given specific, measurable objectives at the outset of the assessment cycle or when they first start.

We ensure that labour laws and human rights are followed in all manufacturing and non-manufacturing entities. We have created a human rights policy and informed all of our workers and contractors about it. To guarantee proper visibility, it has been prominently presented. The capacity of our workers, contractors and subcontractors is built through periodic training programmes. Periodically, we are audited by the proper authorities to make sure we are adhering to the labour law's standards for child labour, forced labour, safe work practises, working conditions, pay, and other system-strengthening activities.

Employee engagement is the emotional bond a worker has with their employer, and it affects how they behave and how hard they work on tasks linked to their jobs. One of the primary goals of employee engagement is to foster an emotional commitment among the workers to their organisation and its goals. An employee engagement programme called Aarti's Got Talent (AGT) gives our staff members a stage on which to show off their talents in front of the entire APL family. By letting the staff know about their interests and hidden skills, this programme hopes to make them happy. The Employee Experience Team is responsible for centrally managing the effort. All year long, other such events are planned.